Inspired by my Father in laws "quote book", it will only be the funniest, and most though provoking of statements, I am gonna try not to do too much mushy shit, its just for laughs after all.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Finn: Hey Mom, what makes the "ch" sound?

Me: Like in what word?

Finn: Like in "chree".

Me: "Chree"? You mean "tree"?

Finn: Yeah, that's what I said, "chree"

Me: It's "TRee" Finn. Like "Tah-Rrr ee".

Finn: Tree? TREE?! WHAT are you even TALKING about?! That isn't even a WORD. Tree.

Me: That is the word Finn, Tree

Finn: Right, chree.

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