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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh shit, I just realized that this is it.

This is the best time of our lives. Our kids dont shit their pants, they sleep all night, and leave my tits alone. But they still think we are cool, and want cuddles. This is the time in our lives that we will look back on, and be like, "Man the was the BEST."

This is terrifying.

My kids are growing up too fucking fast. It went from "Grow the fuck up, already!" (and yea, I totally caught my self saying that to my then 4 year old once, actually telling him to "grow up") to "wait, stop!!! No more growing!!!"

My six year old and I had this conversation the other day

Reid: Mom, were you in Mr. Dallenbach's class?
Me: No, he did't teach there when I went there.
Reid: Oh, yea, in the olden days? When everything was black and white and gray?

Now he naivety about everything being black and white is very sweet, but for real, he was pitting me. Patting my hand like I was some old koot inflected with dementia.

Then, just this morning he came into my bed, and said,

"Mom, can we to Le Peep for breakfast?"

Me: "Sorry babe, Le Peep is closed."

Reid: "When is it going to open?"

Me: "no, its closed for good, its gone."

Reid: "Like the building is gone?!?"

Me: "No, the building is still there, but its empty."

Reid: "Is it ever going to open again?"

Me: "I dont know, I hope so"

Reid: "Me too. *sigh* I guess it just depends on the economy."

Yea, so just go ahead and put me in the home now.

And just so you guys dont think I have gone soft on you, a video of how adult my 6 year is (By Jenna and Jason)

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