Inspired by my Father in laws "quote book", it will only be the funniest, and most though provoking of statements, I am gonna try not to do too much mushy shit, its just for laughs after all.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finn scale - 9

Finn: Do you wanna play freeze tag Sammy???

Sammy: meeeeerrroooww.

Finn: No? Yes? No? (laying on top of her) Do you wanna play golf? No? Yeah?


Finn: Oh, okay, you wanna be petted? Like this?


Finn: Oh, okay, like this?


Finn: No? Oh, sorry. Like this??


Finn: Okay, Sammy, Okay, Ill go away.

Finn: Mom you hold this (cardbord wrapping paper tube) and sa-weeze (squeeze) it and sa-weeze it, and if it bends, don't give it back to me, and if it doesn't bend, give it back to me.

Me: Okay (squeezing the tube, bending the tube) it bent. (holding the tube)

Finn: No. Mom! Sa-weeze it, and sa-weeze it, and it if bends..

Me: it did, it bent so I am not giving it back right?

Finn: NO. No, no, no, no, no. HOLD the tube. Okay Mom? SA-WEEZE it and sa-weeze it. If it doesn't bend keep trying.

Me: It did bend. It already did.

Finn: NO. Mom. Will you listen? Sa-weez it. And keep trying to sa-weeze it, and if it bends, don't give it back to me. Understand. Do you understand?

Me: *throws self in to on coming traffic, and head explodes at the same time*

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finn in the car: Here mom heres a heart for you, I made wif my hands!!
Me: Thank you Finn! Thats so sweet!!
Finn: I will give you all the hearts, of all the dead things I find, ever.


Me: Um, Finn, I appreciate the sentiment, but I dont really want the hearts of a bunch of dead things.
Finn: Haha! No, no ,no Mom! *shakes head* Silly Mom!
Me: Oh, so you didnt mean...
Finn: Not to put inside you. (wait for it)....its for your collection.

AHAHAHHAHAHA!!! This child is terrifying. Happy October ya'll!!!

If you like my "writing*" you can check out my new cooking-ish blog-ish. Healthy Shit.

*rambling and cussing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nazis and creative killing (totally unrelated)

Finn: Hey Mom, I was looking in the Nazi part of the car, and..

Me: The what now? The what part of the car?

Finn: The NAZI part Mom. God. You know that Nazi part, where all the stuff I cant touch is. NAZI.

Me: What the hell are you talking about?

Finn: The Nazi part. There is your seat, and Dads seat, and then in the middle there is that spot...

Me: The NOT SEAT part?

Finn: yeah Mom, geeze what did you THINK I was saying!?!

Bedtime. Snuggled up with Finny

Finn: Mom, I don't want you to die. I don't EVER want you to die.

Me: Oh finny, don't worry, I am not going to die!

Finn: But Mom, when I am a grown up, and your old, I don't want you to die! I ll be so sad when you die. If I need you, you wont be there cause you'll be died.

Me: Finn. I am going to be around for a long time, go to sleep, Ill be here in the morning, I promise.

Finn: But...*looking down, sad eyes* what if you get killed by a stone skeleton?

Me: I don't even know what that is. Don't worry about it.

Finn: *lips curling up, slow grin* What if you get died by an invisible monster with a crossbow?

Me: I am not gong to get died by a monster with an invisible cross bow...

Finn: No! HES invisible, not his crossbow *happy eyebrows, full face smile*

Me: Now I am pretty sure your trying to kill me off...

Finn: No Mom, I am really worried!! What if, a Mombie hunts you down and you get run over by a car *bouncing up and down, clapping hands*.

Me: Ooookay, Goodnight!

Finn: OH! Tractors!!! Out of an airplaine!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

dont be selfish bitches

I am really, really tired, and a little bit drunk, but I wanna post this before I forget, or pass out or vomit or something so here goes:

- Reid thinks bitches who dye their perfectly good brown hair blond are selfish (good luck with him ladies of the world)

- Finn thinks we should be "space family" for Halloween, with your truly as, you guessed it Uranus. It really dosent matter what planets the rest of the family will go as, he was very clear that Mom will be Uranus.

- Reid is pretty sure, that if he could grow out an afro, it would miraculously cure him of nose picking.

Thank you and good night.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

fantisies of neglect

Holy shit you guys. Holy. SHIT.

That could pretty much some up my week. Back to school is a dirty, pushy whore with festering herpes. Not school it self mind you, but the entire season, known as "back-to-school". From the first asshole at Walmart, who airs the first commercial in July, to, about Halloween. I know, a lot of Moms LOVE back to school, and maybe, someday, when my kids are at the same damn school, and both there all damn day, I will be able to enjoy it too. But for now, why in the shit would I want to give up sleep in, lazy beach days, for getting up early, endless bitching (from all of us), and being a fucking taxi, in what is ALWAYS the hottest time of year in SD. (When the powers that be can figure this out and let the kids out in July, and back at the end of Sept, I will be so amazed, I will lick my own ass. I will. I swear.)

Anyway, in between all the bitching (okay, okay, mostly me), and tears (me again), and UNHOLY fits being thrown in public, resulting in bite marks, and head lumps (me, on the receiving end of this shit), they have said a few things that have made me smile through my tears.

Finn (on the way home from dropping Reid at school today): Mom, You really need to have another baby.

Me (emotionless from all the meds): Why in the world would I do that?

Finn: Because I NEED another brother. I gotta have another brother. Maybe a couple more brothers. I need more brothers mooooom, I neeeeeeeed some.

Me: Finn if I have another baby, I wont have as much time to spend with you and Reidy.

Finn: I really dont care 'bout that mom. I just need more brothers.

Me: why do you need them so bad?

Finn: Cause Daddy has ALL those brothers, and I want a lot of brothers too. Come on mom. More brothers.

(A special thinks to Kate, Dale, Alan and Jeri, for giving me this standard to live up to)

Reid: Mom, do you know what my favorite day ever would be?

Me: No Reid, what?

Reid: If I got up in the morning, and started playing video games, and then you forgot about me all day, and I played all day long, till Daddy got home, and was like "Wheres Reid?" And you'd be like "Oh! I guess hes still playing video games, I forgot all about him"

Me: so...your best day if your Mother forgets you exist. That right? I got that right?

Reid: Yeah. Just until the night. Its okay Mom, I wouldn't be mad or anything.

Moral of the stories, my children, not unlike myself, fantasize about being neglected. Cant say I fucking blame 'em. I think we could ALL use a little neglect around here.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why I do not have, or need a wiener, by Kate McCord, grade 13

It has recently come to my attention, through myself, that I need to write a short essay for my children to read when they get older, so they know exactly how much shit they gave me about not having a wiener, and how much I do not give a shit about having a wiener (this is also for my husband, who is pretty sure I have penis envy).

I will be using the essay format I was taught in school (before I stopped trying, and started partying, so, like what, middle school? Who knows.)

I am a woman. I do not have a dick. That is okay with me. I do not want, or need one. Every time one of my children see me naked, or anytime the subject of pork swords comes up (which, if you read my blog, you will know that is on a very regular basis) they feel the need to ask me why I don't have one, ask me how it is possible to survive without one, and pity me for not having one. This sequence of crank questions is always the same : inquiry, dismay, empathetic sadness.

Getting dressed in my room:

Finn: Mom, why don't you have a pee pee?
Me: For the love of GOD Finn, I do.
Reid: Yeah Finn, remember, she does, it just inside? (pats me on the back, tells me "its going to be okay")

In the car:

Finn: Hey Mom?
Me: What up?
Finn: When is your Pee pee gonna grow out?
Me: Finn, I HAVE a pee pee, it is NEVER gonna "grow out". My pee pee is awesome, it works just fine, and it is called a "vagina". It doesn't hang off my crotch, looking ridiculous, and getting in my way all the time, it is tucked neatly up, and out of the way, and I am very happy with it. Okay?
Finn: Okay.
Me: Yes Finn?
Finn: When is your "BAGINA" gonna grow out?

At the store:

Finn: Mom, did your wiener pee pee fall off?
Me: Finn, seriously listen to me. Look at me...LOOK at me. Stay. Listen...wait, LOOK AT ME. Okay, stay, lis...LOOOOOOK AAAT ME! Listen. My pee pee did not fall off. I am not a goddamn amputee. You do not need to feel sorry for me. I am SO not sad that I don't have a trouser snake. It is something I would NEVER think about if you little fuckers didn't bring it up all the time. Chicks. Don't. Have. Dicks. Got it? I am a chick, I don't have a dick. I don't know any other way to get through to you.
Finn: Whats a "trouser snake"?
Albertson's employee: Miss (they totally don't call me "Miss" anymore, they "Mame" me, those assholes, but this is my story so) Excuse me, Miss? We're going to have to ask you to take this conversation outside please. AND, you look WAY to young and beautiful, to have two kids!*

In closing, I'd like to remind my family that I am a woman. I would also like to ask a family with all chicks out there, its it as much fun as I imagine it to be? Do you ladies sit around painting each others toe nails, and brushing each others hair, and watching movies without guns and explosions and blood, and talking about how awesome your uterus's, and ovaries and fallopian tubes are? That's what I imagine, that and a whole lot of PMSing.

*my story fuckers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Dinner Dick Talk

Seems genitalia is the only thing we ever discuss at the family table...and frankly, Id have it no other way.

Reid: Anna is probably gonna have babies
Me: Yeah, why do you say that?
Reid: Because of something tat starts with a "B"
Me: What?
Reid: I cant say it at the dinner table
Me: Its okay, what?
Reid: Its like, right under your tummy...
Me: It starts with a "B"? Or a "V"?
Reid: a "B"
Me: Okay Reid, what, its okay.
Reid: Balls.
Me: Anna is gonna ave babies cause you have balls?
Reid: Yeah.

Okay, I am TOTALLY trippin at this point because I think were are going to have the sex talk right there, at the dinner table, at 6 years old. HOW does this kids know that balls = babies??? Is this a Yo Gabba Gabba that I missed?!

Me: So, uh Reid, why do you think balls have anything to do with babies?
Reid: Well, you said the doctor took off Milo, the cats balls so he cant have babies. But, I still have balls, so me and Anna can still have babies.
Me: Thats right.
Reid: Can I have dessert now?

conversation, over.


Me: Finns pee pee was hurting him at the beach today.
Miah: You know it might have been hurting cause its time for it to fall off.
Reid and Finn: (Stare with mouths dropped open)
Me: Dont listen to him, its not gonna fall off, hes just messing with you.
Miah: No really, its probably time for it to fall off and then you grow a new one.
Reid and Finn: (continue to stare)
Miah: Yeah, ya know like a lizard, loses its tail, and then grows a new one, you loose your wiener and then you grow a new one.
Me: He is totally lying you guys, don't believe him.
Miah: Yeah see, you just pull on it real hard, and it comes off.
Reid: Dad, I have been tuggin' on my wiener for 6 years now, and it hasn't come off yet.
Miah: Well Reid, all I have to say to that is, your not tuggin hard enough.
Silence....(I look around the table and no body hands are visible)
Reid: Its not working Dad
Finn: yeah Dad, not working.

Me: (#143 things I never dreamed I would have to say) Ok, no tugging on your wieners at the dinner table.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rampant Preschool Eye Rape.

First real day of summer in the McCord House:

Reid: Mom! Finn called me a Bitch!
Me: Finn, that is a grownup word, you are not allowed to say grownup words. If you do that again, do you know what Ill have to do?
Finn: What?
Me: Ill wash your mouth out with soap.
Finn (wide eyed), *gasp!* But...will it be wee, wee queen (really, really clean)

Followed by constant sibling, on sibling violence. Which, after almost completely loosing my fucking mind, I learned how to keep that shit in check by enforcing manual labor, and keeping my emotions indifferent. No fight, and clean rooms. Win, win...for me anyway, F them.

And then we had to take Finn to the doc for a lingering cough, which turned out to be nothing, but he did have to explain to Doc, the double black eyes hes been sporting, due to, apparently, rampant preschool eye rape.


All in all a pretty bad ass start to summer, especially when Daddy came home, and after hearing the "bitch" story says: "Well Reid were you being a bitch?"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me: Reid, you farts smell TOXIC. When was the last time you pooped?
Reid: I pooped on the floor.
Me: Maybe you didnt hear me, I asked WHEN was the last time you pooped?
Reid: I pooped on the floor, in the living room.
Me: WHEN? When did you drop a deuce in the living room?
Reid: I pooped on the floor in the living room, on......Friday?
Me: Yeah, that sounds about right. Why dont you go take a shit in the kitchen.

Me and the boys in the car:

Reid:Fiiinnnnn. Don't put your lizard in that hole.
Me: What hole is he putting it in?
Reid: FIIIINNNNNN! Don't do it!


Me: Okay, as long as he isn't putting the lizard in his nose, or his asshole, I dont care...or your nose or asshole.
Finn: Its not in my nose, and its not in my mouth, and its not in my wiener, and its not in my ass-butt. Okay mom? Its a hole in the door.

Finn: Why is Dad you husband?
Me: Because, he is the man I chose to married, and have kids with, and grow old with.
Reid: Oh, ok. And, you got your wish!
Me: What wish?
Reid: You married him, and had kids, and now your old.

Happy Mutha's Day, all you mutha's!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am sure you guys remember when my friend Jenna had a baby, and I had those wonderful words of inspiration for her, right?

Well, a TON of bitches around me be havin' babies right now. And once again I, eloquently worked 'vagina' into a baby shower greeting card for my girl, Angela.

Huh?! Huh!?! Am I right ladies? Thats okay, I know I am. The second kid also give you chimpanzee tits, but Iam really trying to see how many cards I get the word "vagina" on. Total so far, 2 and counting!

And since this blog is suppose to be about my kids, heres a video of Finn, cracking my shit up. He hasn't been saying much funny stuff lately, more cute, bordering on creepy, about how he loves his "Reidy Buddy", and his "Ghost Friend Brother". But he is always funny, even when hes trying to be serious.

I wish I could figure out to turn it the right way. I think my favorite part is when he drops his sandwich on the ground, and then picks it up and eats it. No wasted food in the McCord house!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

There is NO what

I know kids ask questions. I get it. Its fine. Its even pretty cool, that they question authority, and religion, and TV and everything else in the universe. But you know whats not cool? When they question ME. I am not talking the "why is the sky blue?" or "why cant I have cake for breakfast". Sure those are hard to answer, or frustrating, but at least they make sense. The caliber of questions Finn has been pounding me with lately, leave me questioning my own identity, sanity, capability, and sexual orientation. And anyone who ever said "There is no such thing as a dumb question!" (in a nasal, school marmy voice) has never met my kids. Questions, that do not even follow the logical linear path of the conversation we are having. Questions, like this...

Finn: Mom, are pants with holes in the knees cool?

Me: yep.

Finn: How?

Me: "How?" What do you mean, "How?".

Finn: How are they?

Me: I don't know "how", they just are. "How" is not really applicable in this situation.

Finn: Why?

Me: Because, It doesn't make sense, there is no reason "how" they are cool.

Finn: Where?

Me: Anywhere. Wait, you kn..... Finn, PLEASE stop asking dumb questions. Sometimes there is no "how" or "why". Sometimes there is no "when", or "where", okay Finn?

Finn: Okay Mommy, okay, I got you, I got you.....Mommy?

Me: Yes Finn?

Finn: What?

Finn: (in deep, mechanical Darth Vader voice) Mom. Come, to the Dark Side.

Me: Uh, I don't really want to Finn.

Finn: (Normal lispy Finn voice) S'okay Mom, Its not really that dark here.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Park Time Fun!

I don't really know what was more fun at the park this morning, listening to little bitches talk shit to their parents, or listening to a young childless dude talk to his dog. You can be the judge. Oh, and before you judge me for getting all my kicks by eves-dropping on other peoples conversations, instead of watching the joy on my child's faces as they frolic, let me remind you, to fuck off. And also, that you never know when I may be listening to your conversation! MUHAHAHAHA!

Little bitch: DAD! Don't follow me!!!

Pussy Dad: I am not, I am going my own way.

Little Bitch: Don't go your own way either!

Pussy Dad: Sorry, I am just trying to get back to the playground from the ice cream truck.

Little Bitch: WELL STOP! GOD!

Me: Hey Pops! Why you take that ice cream cone and eat it in front of her really slowly making "yum yum" noises while she bawls her stupid little eyes out? Better yet, why don't you slap her in her ugly face with it. Both very good ideas, your choice.

ok, so I didn't really say the last part, but I swear to you, on a bunch of holy shit I don't believe in, that the rest is true. She is going to make an AWESOME wife one day.

Childless dude while a little girl approaches his giant dog:

Him: You have to ask to pet the dog!

Little girl: (Pets dog without asking any-fucking way)

Him: Your really should ask first!

Little girl: (Looks him square in the eye, pets the fucking dog again, walks away)

Him (to dog): Bad dog. You should have bit her face off like I taught you to do when they don't ask first.

Not what you were expecting right? Is that not amazing?!?! Yeah, pretty sure that one wins.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hes not sure if he wants to fight the dark side, or shit on it.

In the car yesterday morning:

Finn: If I see a billain (villain) I will rip out his tongue, and eat it, den I will grab out his heart and eat it, den I will kick him in the wiener.

and his most recent poo rant:

If you listen really carefully, you can hear Darth Vader breathing, and light saber noises, not sure which orifice they are coming from...

Friday, March 11, 2011

A short lesson in making your Mom think she is losing her fucking mind, by Finn:

Finn: Mom, what is the ice thing, that has fruit and ice, and and a stick in it?

Me: a Popsicle?

Finn: Is it frozen?

Me: The Popsicle? Yeah its frozen.

Finn: Did I say frozen?

Me: Yeah, is it a Popsicle that your talking about?

Finn: Is what a Popsicle?

Me: What your asking about?

Finn: What?


Finn: Mom, I have no idea what you are talking about.

And now, to make her feel like a lazy loser:

Finn: Mom, why is it called a "yoga mat"?

Me: Because I do yoga on it, and its a mat. I lay on the floor on it.

Finn: You lay on it....and that is your exercise? Laying on it? Ok Mom, wah-ever you say.

And finally, a recipe for my kitchen to yours. I pretty much have this every morning. It is really frustrating that I cant seem to learn my lesson.

Mixed berry almond cinnamon oatmeal:

1. Pour some oats in a bowl, put some milk on that shit.

2. Add a little cinnamon (NOT Cumin, it will NOT taste the same, trust me)

3. Spill too much almond extract in the bowl, (try to scoop some out, go ahead try, its clear).

4. Cut up some... strawberries, but be too lazy to dirty a cutting board, so just use your hand (the blood adds a nice little something).

5. Toss in a handfull of blueberries ( make sure half of the handfull ends up rolling all over the god damn kitchen floor, call your 4 year old in to stomp the crap out of them)

6.Put it in the microwave for about 30 sec too long ( causing the entire thing to boil over all over the mother fucking microwave)

Clean all that shit up, and start over AFTER coffee.

Your welcome.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

America. Fuck yeah.

Finn is bounding through the Target parking lot, in his Bwack Sider Man costume, swinging his lasso with wild abandon.

Finn: Mom. I been finking about it, and what I really wanna do, is I wanna kill a bird.

Me: Finn, I, I just, what is wrong with you? Why would you want to kill a bird?

Finn: No, no, no, no, no, Mom. Not just a bird, an eagle. (evils grin, stares dreamily off in the distance)

Me: An eagle. Finn. Really? I am seriously disturbed. Eagles are awesome. They are beautiful, majestic birds. Not to mention I am pretty sure they are on the endangered species list, I mean protected, at the very least. We're probably talking about some serious fines, possible prison time. I want to be the kind of Mom that supports your passions, even if your passion is murdering symbols of American freedom, but can you at least give me a reason why?

Finn: Be-CAUSE-AH, they eat-AH, all your food-AH, ought the beach-AH!

Me: Oh.... Yeah. Well, yeah. I can totally get on board with the seagull killing, they suck, you just say the word kid, we'll go kill our selves some seagulls.

I am an old pro after all, in case you have forgotten.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finn's mind is easily blown.

On the way to preschool...

Me: Hey Finn, Shellsea might be in your preschool class next year.

Finn: What?!?!

Me: Shellsea might be in you preschool class next year.

Finn: What?!?

Me: Finn, I am sure you heard me, why do you keep saying what?

Finn: Because that's much a pot a poopy poop, a dar far mingo.


Finn: What?

Me: What?

Finn: What?


Finn: I said "what?"

Me: No, before that.

Finn: Mom, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Driving Past Winchell's

Finn: Mom! Did you see that! A police man?!?! In a donut shop!?!?!

Me: Yeah, Finn. Did that just blow your mind, or what?

Finn Yeah. Man, that was weird!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is the sound of me blowing my brains out, in case you were wondering

"Mom? Mom! Mom?"
"I'll be right there"

30 sec. later...

"Mom? Mom! Mom?"

30 sec later...

"Mom? Mom! Mom!!!"

"Mom? Mom! Mom?"

Sound of me blowing my brains out.


In other news, Reid wanted to know what the "worst word ever" was. I told him there was no way in fucking hell I was telling him that.

2 days later I accidentally dropped the "C" bomb in the car, ya know "cocksucker"....

I know. I've already booked my room in Hell,

anyway, he says "That was it huh Mom? The worst word ever."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well, she was a bitch.

I have been out of the blogging game for SO long, I don't even know if I know how to do it anymore. We have been on vacation:

Vacation highlight: My 6 year old nephew calling "Uncle Jeremiah" (my husband), "Uncle Man-gina". ON ACCIDENT!!!! Highlight of my life actually.

This was literally 1 second after he said it. I am that good.

Thank you Troy, you are so awesome.

Another vacation highlight: Finn says "DAD, throw a snowball at my mouth!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead, call CPS, I already tried, and they say they wont take 'em.

Then my kids were sick, it was totally awesome:

I know, Real Housewives, eat your fucking hearts out. You think it might be really gross and gnarly if those bowls actually got puked in, and I had to clean them out? NO threat of that here. My children prefer to puke on: the floor in their room, all over their bedding, the floor in the bathroom, me, the floor in the hallway, and each other. In that order. Notice "toilet" is no where in that list. And, apparently the words "barf", and "puke", make my eldest barf and puke. He prefers "regurgitate". Jesus.

Then I turned 32, which was really fine. Until I started to actually think about getting older, and blubbering to my kids about growing up, conclusively scaring the shit out of Finn about getting older, and now he insists he is going to be 4 forever. Add that one on to my "Mother of The Year" list. See where thinking gets you!?!? No where good, that's where.

Then there is Finn, saying so much weird shit every, single day that I don't even feel I know what is post worthy or not anymore.

But I am pretty sure this was:

So, the other day I was driving Finn and his little girl friend around, (like Miss Daisy, for real) And some dumb whore (and not in the good way, like I call my best friend a "dumb whore") cut me off. (alright, alright, so I cut her off, but there was a big bush, and I couldn't see her, and we were both going really slow in a parking lot, so it was no big deal...what? Like your a perfect fucking driver?). Anyway, she gave me the 'ol stink eye, and I was all


and Finn goes

"Don't worry Sophie, my mom wasn't calling you or me a 'bitch', she was calling that lady a 'bitch"

"Yeah, that's right Sophie, not you. And Finn, you cant say that."

"OK Mommy. Sophie, My Mom wasn't calling you or me 'that bad word', she was calling that lady a 'bitch'.

Luckily Sophie's mom is one of the coolest bitches I know :)

Good day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh shit, I just realized that this is it.

This is the best time of our lives. Our kids dont shit their pants, they sleep all night, and leave my tits alone. But they still think we are cool, and want cuddles. This is the time in our lives that we will look back on, and be like, "Man the was the BEST."

This is terrifying.

My kids are growing up too fucking fast. It went from "Grow the fuck up, already!" (and yea, I totally caught my self saying that to my then 4 year old once, actually telling him to "grow up") to "wait, stop!!! No more growing!!!"

My six year old and I had this conversation the other day

Reid: Mom, were you in Mr. Dallenbach's class?
Me: No, he did't teach there when I went there.
Reid: Oh, yea, in the olden days? When everything was black and white and gray?

Now he naivety about everything being black and white is very sweet, but for real, he was pitting me. Patting my hand like I was some old koot inflected with dementia.

Then, just this morning he came into my bed, and said,

"Mom, can we to Le Peep for breakfast?"

Me: "Sorry babe, Le Peep is closed."

Reid: "When is it going to open?"

Me: "no, its closed for good, its gone."

Reid: "Like the building is gone?!?"

Me: "No, the building is still there, but its empty."

Reid: "Is it ever going to open again?"

Me: "I dont know, I hope so"

Reid: "Me too. *sigh* I guess it just depends on the economy."

Yea, so just go ahead and put me in the home now.

And just so you guys dont think I have gone soft on you, a video of how adult my 6 year is (By Jenna and Jason)