Inspired by my Father in laws "quote book", it will only be the funniest, and most though provoking of statements, I am gonna try not to do too much mushy shit, its just for laughs after all.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

fat ass

Totally forgot the BEST thing Finn said on our trip. We were in the shower a the campsite, and I had gathered up all the stuff we needed, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, etc, and was bending over to put it down in the corner of the shower...

Finn: "Whoa Mom! Your butt is GIANT! Oh my god, its so GIANT when you put it right in my face!"

LOVE the use of the word GIANT here! Shit kid, "big" would suffice, but no, GIANT.


  1. did you rely with: "yeah? well you have a small dick! take that!" ??