Inspired by my Father in laws "quote book", it will only be the funniest, and most though provoking of statements, I am gonna try not to do too much mushy shit, its just for laughs after all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finn, On The Life Of a Busy 4 Year Old;

Finn is sitting in Daddys chair, watching Disney Jr, cuddling Monkey and sucking his thumb.

Finn: (looooong sigh) It a BIG day today.

Me: Oh really, what so "big" about it?

Finn: Ya know Mom, just, lots to do today.

Me: Why? What have you done besides sit on your ass and watch TV today?

Finn: Well, I am just gonna build a lot of machines and stuff, so, its gonna be big.


Me: Jesus Finn, yes. I have told you a thousand time you don't have to clear it with me before you piss, and I am RIGHT HERE, so you don't have to yell either.

Finn: (In the bathroom) Okay, go pee, wash my hands and get back to watchin' TV.

On Puppets;

Finn: Hey Mom, Grandma has this finger puppet, its a butterfly!

Me: Cool, sounds pretty.

Finn: Well, actually it a moth, and you have to stick your finger up its butthole.

Reid: Yeah *sigh* sometimes you have to do that.

Thankfully he didn't make mention of the squirrel puppet you have to fist.

On Good Parenting:

Finn: When I grow up, I am NEVER gonna spank my kids.

Me: Oh yeah? Never? You just going to let them do what ever they want?

Finn: No! When they do something bad, I am just gonna kick 'em in the junk.

Reid, On Listening;

Reid: Hey Mom, tell Dad about your day today.

Me: What about it?

Reid: Tell him how busy it was. Like you were telling us in the car.

Me: Oh, he knows how busy it was, he knows allll about it.

Reid: Just tell him, ya know like you told us, like "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, took a shower, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

Me: Clearly that conversation was a waste of time. Is that what you think I did all day? Take a shower.

Reid: Yeah.

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