Inspired by my Father in laws "quote book", it will only be the funniest, and most though provoking of statements, I am gonna try not to do too much mushy shit, its just for laughs after all.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome Mamacitas!

Reid: "Hey Mamacita! That means your beautiful in Spanish." Me: "I am pretty sure it means I am hot." Reid: "Hot? Like, hot how?" Me: "Like 'smokin' hot' hot." Reid: "Like 'Hot Shit'"? Me: "What!? Did you just say 'Hot Shit'? That is hilarious!" Reid: "No, mom! I said 'Hot Chick'! Geeze." I was gonna have to give him major props for "Hot Shit", while that is phrase I rarely, if ever use, (making it a mystery to me where he heard it) it is a super bad ass one, and I think I am going to start rockin' it more often.

I had been waiting for a good one to start this blog, I hope you guys can get as many laughs out of it as I do :) This being the first post, I want to make it clear that there will lots of cussing and otherwise "inappropriate" stuff on here. I dig "inappropriate" I find it quite funny, if you dont, thats cool too, dont waste you time here!

P.S. It will also be filled with spelling and grammatical errors, I dont care about that shit, F off.


  1. That picture of Finn is AWESOME!!!
    Hot Shit...Nice.

  2. Put the one where Finn said his tummy hurt and his butt was hungry!

    And Reids "vows" and "coincidence"

  3. Shit! I wish I could remember the whole "Butt hungry" one....