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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I TOLD you I was smart.

I don't want to brag or anything, but I KICK ASS at answering 3 year olds questions. I mean, I am really something incredible. I have a feeling these answers at this super developmenticaly time in their life, will really make a difference of like, what college they drop out of and shit. Don't believe me? See for yourself!!

Q: Mama, whats that for?

A. What?


A: WHAT?!?! That tree? That sign? That car?


A: The line? In the sidewalk?

Q: Yea!

A: What is it for?

Q: Yea! What is it FOR?

A: Uh, its not for anything. Its just a line separating one piece of sidewalk for the other, it has no purpose, it does nothing, but collect shit.

Question #2

Q: Mama, where does the cold air come from?

A: What cold air?

Q: The cold air from the air con-dish-ner, in the car!

A: Do I look like a fucking mechanic to you?

Question # 3

Q: Mama, can I have a yellow one?

A: A yellow what?

Q: A yellow ONE!

A: A yellow ONE of WHAT?

Q: A yellow one of everything!?

A: No.

See. I told you. If your dumbass 3 year old has a question that your too stupid to answer, send it my way! I'd be more than happy to hook a bitch up.

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  1. "Do I look like a fucking mechanic to you?" HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Awesome!

    I mean, try harder next time, dumb bitch.